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Digital Asset Management on the ICONOMI platform

25 Cryptocurrencies - One Investment

Swarm Intelligence Portfolio Strategy

The Hive Index holds the top 25 Digital Assets on ICONOMI – ranked by the combined dollar holdings of each Asset in all the other Digital Asset Arrays (DAAs) on the platform.

DAAs with more money invested in them, and DAAs that have grown thanks to the increase in value of their underlying Assets, have a proportionately higher influence on our portfolio.

In other words: if the entire ICONOMI community could talk, we’d be the equivalent of it putting its money where its mouth is.

The Hive Index DAA can be purchased on with Bitcoin or Ether. There’s no minimum investment – start with as little as €10.

See How To Invest – HERE

Measured Rebalancing

Due to the impressive historical performance of equal weighted strategies, we assign each of the top 25 Assets on ICONOMI an equal share in our DAA.

If an Asset doubles in value we sell half the position and redistribute the gains based on our internal algorithm.

The DAA is rebalanced back toward 4% of each Digital Asset whenever someone enters or exits the investment – and Assets will be added and removed every quarter in order to reflect the changing sentiment of the crowd.

We constantly monitor the performance of our rebalancing strategies and will continue to optimise our trades over time.

  • Equal Weighting

    We hold 4% of each of the top 25 Digital Assets on the ICONOMI platform.

  • Sell Half on a Double

    We sell half our position of any Asset whenever it doubles in value.

  • Automated Rebalancing

    At every purchase, we lock in some gains & top up any undervalued Assets.

  • Quarterly Restructuring

    Once a quarter, we replace any Asset that fell from the ICONOMI top 25.


What’s in our DAA?

The Hive Index lets you invest in the following 25 Digital Assets, with one simple and secure purchase on the ICONOMI platform.

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Monero

  • Dash

  • Icon

  • Qtum

  • Lisk

  • Omisego

  • Steem

  • Waves

  • 0x

  • Status

  • Iconomi

  • Augur

  • Kyber

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Request

  • Basic Attention Token

  • Aragon

  • TenX

  • DigixDAO

  • Golem

  • FunFair

  • EOS

  • Civic


Visit our DAA page on for live Asset ratios and the live price.