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Digital Asset Management on the ICONOMI platform

25 Cryptocurrencies - One Investment

How to Invest in the Hive Index DAA

If you are stuck with any of the steps then please feel free to contact us with your questions. We’re more than happy to help you out.

1. First You Will Need Some Bitcoin or Ether

In order to invest in any of the DAAs on ICONOMI you must make your purchase using Bitcoin or Ether. You can buy those with your bank account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

In our experience the safest and most reliable exchange is To find the best exchange in your region please read the reviews here.

You then send your Bitcoin or Ether direct from the exchange to ICONOMI.

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2. Then You Will Need an Iconomi Account

Registering an account on is quick and easy. Visit the site and click the Register button in the top right corner.

Once you have created an account it is important to make it secure. You can do this by setting up two factor authentication (2FA) on your ICONOMI account. We recommend you use a 2FA app such as Authy as this is more secure than using your mobile phone number.

Finally you will need to verify your account with ICONOMI. This is a relatively straightforward process. In order to deposit up to $14,000 of Bitcoin or Eth you will need Tier 1 verification. This involves completing a text message authentication and uploading your ID and a picture of your face. Simply follow the instructions within the Verify section of your Account tab.

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3. Now You Can Purchase Some Hive Index (HIX)

Once you have an account on you will need to send your Bitcoin or Ether to the correct wallet on the platform.

To find the right address, go to the Deposit section of your ICONOMI account and select either Bitcoin or Ether depending on which one you plan to send. You can then copy the long collection of letters and numbers – this is your ICONOMI wallet address.

Now you can use the withdrawal function at the cryptocurrency exchange account where you bought the Ether or Bitcoin, by carefully pasting the exact wallet address you copied from

Double check the address, and make sure you are either sending Bitcoin to your ICONOMI Bitcoin wallet or Ether to your ICONOMI Ether wallet. It should arrive on the ICONOMI platform in less than an hour and then you’ll be able to purchase Hive Index (HIX) with the Buy button on our DAA page.

Purchase Hive Index (HIX)

Don’t worry if this seems complicated the first time round. Investing in cryptocurrencies is new for a lot of people. The point of the Hive Index, and the other DAAs on the ICONOMI platform, is to make buying and holding multiple Digital Assets simple and secure.

By purchasing our DAA you don’t need to sign up for multiple exchanges or have wallets for every different cryptocurrency. You can invest in Hive Index and let us, and ICONOMI, take care of everything else.

Once again, if you have any questions – please get in touch.